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Designed by educators for educators and those working in school settings.

Spend 5 minutes a day and realize transformational results.

Designed for results

Follow the simple steps outlined here and you’ll start seeing differences in how you interact with others and how they interact with you almost immediately.

Simple. Transformational.

StrengthenU offers concrete strategies for adults in your school community to achieve social-emotional wellness in just five minutes a day.

Personalized Support

Inspiration, guided reflections, and simple exercises designed to support personal renewal, reflection and growth

Leaders Gain Insight Into Needs of Staff

For adults, StrengthenU offers a simple, 5 minute a day approach to personal SEL development.

We have chosen to pilot The StrengthenU platform with our group of principals because we believe that we must find ways to take care of ourselves if we are going to be able to support our students. Designed by educators and for educators, StrengthenU is the perfect tool for this. It is simple, flexible, and to the point. StrengthenU allows educators to focus on and strengthen their personal SEL skills in 5 minutes a day.

Dr. Lonny J. Rivera

Director of Innovation North Point ESC

Teachers Help Students Learn to Name Their Feelings

For students, a simple and friendly interface to collect anonymous real-time emotions in the classroom.

This has given my students the ability to, anonymously, express their feelings and then see in real time how those feelings compare with their peers. I have worked closely with the StrengthenU team, who has taken every one of my suggestions and brought them to life. Being able to see the data that this application can provide is so valuable in leading social emotional learning.

Stephanie Nolen

Hamilton Elementary School, Ready Rangers program

Supporting the SEL needs of the entire school community has never been more important.

The adults who work in schools are facing stress like they've never experienced before. Yet, we need them to be at their best if they're going to serve students, families, and entire communities. StrengthenU supplies you with tools to strengthen your social-emotional skills so that you are a better leader for the many who are depending on you.

Over 14,500 feeling check-ins recorded on StrengthenU by educators and students

8,100 Gratitudes logged

6,000 daily SEL reflections completed by educators

Get started with StrengthenU today

Take care of your own social-emotional needs so that you can better support the many who depend on you. Join a community of your peers and learn and grow together in just five minutes each day.

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